Passenger Lift

We provide a wide range of cabins styles from simplicity to sophisticated elegance.

Thus, we offer a wide range of finishing and false ceilings for a more impressive result.

Our trendy and elegant cabins highlight their absolute modern designs by creating a pleasant mood.

Platform lifts or Stairlifts

Our platform lifts and stairlifts are designed to serve the special needs of the people with reduced mobility.

Thanks to the aesthetic and user friendly design, these lifts fits into any environment and will improve the user’s independance and quality of life!

Home Elevator

We provide the best and most reliable elevators for your home to meet your needs while we ensure that safety is always the main ingredient in the installation process.

We offer home lifts that incorporate excellent quality, safety, comfort and style.

Observation/Panoramic Lift

Observation/Panoramic lifts are designed for those who want to enjoy the view from above in its entire splendor.

This is a real “ornament”, ideal for luxury stores, shopping malls and modern residences.

Freight Lift

Rise up cargo lifts – hydraulic and traction – are forged in order to withstand every hardship, satisfying even the most demanding requirements of functionality.

They are mainly used for heavy duty industrial applications, warehouses, supermarkets, parkings, hospitals and commercial centers.

Dumbwaiter Lift

The dumbwaiter elevator is one of the most convenient and affordable elevators that can be used for transportation. The most important thing is that this is a system that helps you save on the need for extra employees and it can be used to serve drinks, foods, documents, medicines and a whole range of products.  It’s ideal for all kinds of situations and uses in libraries, department stores, banks, hotels, malls, factories, laboratories, etc.

Bed Lift Elevator

When it comes to hospitals, every second counts.

Rise up Elevators meets the highest expectations through state-of-the art technology.

Our Hospital lifts are the right choice of the demanding needs of medical facilities.

Car Lift

This is a heavy duty lift which performs at the highest level of safety while moving vehicles.

Their construction is thought out to the smallest detail, and they are winning the best impressions since they are installed in busy private and public parking areas, continuously transporting every vehicle with outmost safety.


Rise Up Escalators/ Travelators are an easy and convenient way to travel from floor to floor.

They have the exquisite design, the unique properties, the sound energy and environment protection and the Extraordinary Qulaity.